Champion again!

2019 TCR- Scandinavia STCC Drivers Champion is Robert Dahlgren, and I´m his race engineer!
Mantorp Park was the last race of the season. We had a slim lead in the championship and our competitor (Tobias Brink) qualified on pole. It was all down to the wire.

The car was nice and balanced. But, since our weight had increased, compared to our competitors. Due to the success ballast, we had a very heavy car. We had improved the setup from last year, where we had a very difficult time to get the car balanced. Dahlgren was on fire and was faster than his teammates and we qualified second.
In the first race, there was nothing stopping the Honda of Mattias Andersson. He went on to victory ahead of Brink and Dahlgren. The championship was alive with 17 points between Brink and Dahlgren. Heading into Race 2 and 25 points up for grabs.

The second race was dramatic as Brink, who had to win to have any chance of taking the title. Made contact and went into the gravel at the end of the long straight. That meant we clinched the title! And I had to tell Dahlgren to keep focusing on driving to the finish as he cheered in the car.

Unfortunately, we did not get the team championship as Brink Motorsport made an excellent season. Congratulations to them.

Robert and Robert talking
Robert Dahlgren, PWR Racing – SEAT Dealer Team, 4 May, 2018 Ring Knutstorp, Sweden. © 2018 Daniel Ahlgren

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