Race Engineering Step 1

Welcome to Race-Engineering Step 1

This course splits into eight different lessons. The purpose gives you an overview of the basics of what a race-engineer does and can control. The principles that are being applied by the physical world to the race car and how it changes with different conditions. We will be going thru the theoretical scientific background and the practical use and consequences. To be extra specific and clear, this course is about race-engineering and not car design or design-engineering. This course will not teach you how to design components or race cars. Please feel free to ask questions. If you find anything that you find is not correct or missing in the lessons I will welcome your feedback.

Who can learn from this course?

This course is for everybody. But it contains elements, wording, and concepts that you might not have heard of before. If you have an engineering degree that´s great. Then you know how to do all the math, calculations and engineering. But I will make this as useful as possible for everyone. With that said it will be easier to progress thru my courses with some mathematical knowledge. This course will not teach you advanced equations. And I have left equations out of this course to keep it simple. Focused on value adding principles and to cut complexity. Again if you have questions or want any concepts explained further I am happy to help in our Q&A. This course focuses on Race-engineering only. How you use this information is up to you. If you are fresh out of university this course can help you build knowledge and towards your goals to work in Motorsport. Maybe you’re a driver who wants to know more about engineering to help you go faster. I am hoping to cover all these aspects of this course.


  • Lesson - Introduction to Race-Engineering
  • Lesson - Vehicle dynamics basics
  • Lesson - Tires
  • Lesson - Engine, differential and gearbox
  • Lesson - Data logging and analysis
  • Lesson - Tools
  • Lesson - The Race-Engineering process
  • Lesson - Practical tips