Down to the wire in TCR Scandinavia

Robert Dahlgren

The 2019 TCR-Scandinavia championship is down to two rounds left and we are leading the driver’s championship with 15 points.

A somewhat strange season is going towards its end. From the first race, the weather or plain bad luck has kept us from being even further in the lead. The pace has been brilliant all year and we have been fastest in almost all sessions so far. But reversed grid mayhem some bad calls from the officials, and a few tire issues have made the championship unnecessarily exciting.

From an engineering point of view, we have developed our concept even further and have been taking steps to assure that we keep our pace advantage. We have also learned more about the tires and the car itself. It’s maybe the most valuable lesson for me this year that you cant get comfortable and ride it out. You have to keep developing, both your knowledge and ways of working, and never think you know everything.

The most improved key item this year has been my communication with the driver. We have spent countless hours on the phone, not just talking about racing, but also developing our friendship and trying to push our game even further. “If we do this here, then we can do that” philosophy has pushed our preparation level before the events to a new standard.

Going into the weekend in Jyllandsringen on Friday we have made several developments on the car. Which we need to verify in the test-sessions, but I’m cautiously optimistic about them and should provide another step forward in qualifying pace.

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