Top 5 racing simulators 2019

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Top 5 Racing Simulators 2019

Sim-racing is one of the tools available to practice during the off-season. We at Bjorkman Engineering are vivid sim-racers and use it for both Engineering and Driver Development. Here is our top 5 list of the best PC simulators for Driver Development in 2019.

The List


5. Race Room Experience

Can use VR, its free (you buy add-on tracks and cars). It has plenty of tracks for buy if you want anything specific. Its online community is large and you can run competitive races almost 24/7. But, its physics model is not very accurate and you have to have a certain style to drive fast that is not very applicable in the real world. The level of modding is limited and car setup adjustments limited and not very accurate in form of the consequences on the vehicle.


4. rFactor 2.

The physics are very good, but the initial process of getting your wheel setup and your pedals, plug-ins etc is quite a labor-intensive. Once out on the track, the graphics are not quite what you expect in 2019. It looks old. The feeling is good and applicable to real-life scenarios. The setup adjustments give an OK impression. The community seems to be decreasing and its difficult to find a competitive race during off-peak gaming time. The number of mode and add-ons are endless and it’s also its downfall. Almost every single multiplayer instance requires you to download something.

3. Project Cars 2

It´s sort of a love-hate relationship with this one. It’s very nice to look at, it has a good UI making it easy to get set up in the menus. It has a large online community and its easy to find a competitive server. It has VR support and many tracks and cars to choose from. The vehicle physics are OK and gives the driver good feedback about what’s going on. But, the net-code, crash-model and time-sync is weak. Jumping ahead, skipping and warping and your physical presence towards other cars online is bad.

2. Iracing

The physics are good, very good. The setup adjustments seem a little off but its very hard to explain exactly what is off about it. Competitive races are on 24/7, it’s very competitive in fact. The penalty system for running of-course or crashing is not my cup of tea. The price-model where you have to subscribe is not my preferred choice either. It can be a bit expensive to get cars and tracks and a subscription. Support and development of the game, is excellent. The community is large and their forum very active.

1. Asetto Corsa

When I talk to other people about AC its often very mixed feedback, some like it a lot, some don´t like it at all. After some adjustments and tweaking to steering wheel and pedals. I get good feedback of the what the car and tires are doing, the fidelity seems to me at least very good. The concepts of driving fast in the real world apply in-game as well. The setup adjustments give proper consequences to the dynamics of the vehicle. The community is not very large and finding a competitive race can be challenging. There are different add-ons to buy and there are more people racing them, but the basic package is quite limited in cars, tracks, and people online. Still, in VR mode with proper wheel setup. This sim will give you an incredible amount of quality practice time that will be useful when starting racing for real.

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