STCC Silly season 2020

Silly as it might be but the 2020 season is approaching. The STCC TCR Championship has a new promoter in Micke Bern, new price money and most likely some new cars and drivers. Silly season speculations into drivers and teams are probably way too early but I will make an attempt at guessing and speculating the grid for 2020.

PWR Racing has had there Cupras for sale and will most likely receive new cars before the season. Regular drivers Robert Dahlgren, Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky, Daniel Haglöf, and Poker Wallenberg will also most likely be involved although nothing has been confirmed. Speaking to Dahlgren he has confirmed that his right foot is still very heavy.

Brink Motorsport is looking to switch brand of cars. Looking at WTCR and getting a free pick of car one would choose the title-winning Hyundai. Honda would also be a good option. Running three cars last year with Tobias Brink, Andreas Wernersson and Hannes Morin it only seems Wernersson is out in the cold and being replaced with Fredrik Blomstedt.

MAGP with Mattias Andersson said last year that they are looking to upgrade to the new Honda spec (running a much older version last year) and expanding to two cars if possible. If Brink gets a Honda deal it could be that Mattias is out in the cold. His son also making an effort at single seaters it could mean resources are going that way.

Kågered has VW cars and a strong driver in Andreas Ahlberg, Thomas Engström did not do a full season in the other VW and was often not up to par with Andreas. Ahlberg, Emil Persson and Mikael Karlsson is confirmed as drivers for the year and rumours have it that it might even add a fourth car.

Lestrup aiming for return with two cars. Running in the Dubai 24h this past weekend with Hannes Morin, Oliver Söderström, Marcus Fluch, and Martin Öhlin. Also connections with Robert Serwanski and Andreas Wernersson meaning no shortage in possible drivers.

Westcoast racing has also been linked with a return, Hugo Nerman, Roar Lindland, Olli Kangas among those that can be potential drivers. Not getting the speed in the VW, it would also make sense to change the brand for the team. Strong ties with Christian Dahl and Cyan racing could mean running Lync and Co cars. Even Honda or Peugeot could also make sense.

Flash Engineering has been quiet for a while and even mentioned a few times during the last years that they would return to STCC. Strong ties with Cyan Racing could mean running Lync and Co cars. Long-time relationships with Richard Göransson and Björn Wirdheim could mean a strong line-up.

Cyan Racing is running four cars in the WTCR and has been widely criticized for not selling cars to other teams according to the TCR rules. Meaning that the potential of the Lync and Co car is unknown outside WTCR. The Lync and Co 03 model is not yet available in Sweden so it could make a full-scale return difficult. Keeping a tight ship on the cars it would make more sense to run 2 cars with another team close to home and still be “in control” of the cars. But is home in Gothenburg or China?

Brovallen Design has struggled to keep going for a complete season for a few years but always manages to be on the grid. I think we can expect one or two Audis from them during the season.

KMS Motorsport has sold its cars but with Johan Kristofferson being out of a drive for the 2020 season everything could be on the table. He said in an interview that he would like to continue with VW and Bauhaus somehow. The Swedish Rally Championship would be of course one option but with little media or results last year that option might not be as interesting. Could we see him in a Kågered car maybe?

The new Danish TCR Championship will also likely make some guest appearances during the season. LM-racing VW with Jan Magnussen and Nicolai Sylvest and also Massive Motorsport (Honda?) with Casper Elgaard, Kasper H Jensen and Kenn Bach could be very strong.

After the 2019 season, there was a test at Karlskoga where drivers had the opportunity to test TCR cars. Among notable drivers where Lukas Sundahl (Porsche) and Emil Persson (V8TC).

Other drivers worth to mention are, Linus Ohlsson, Viktor Bouveng, Kevin Engman, Thomas Faaras, Philip Morin, Jessica Bäckman, Andreas Bäckman, Stian Paulsen, Jocke Mangs, Fredrik Larsson, Joel Eriksson, Niklas Oskarsson, Rueben Kressner, Rasmus Mårthen, Carl Philip Bernadotte, Johan Bryant Meissner, Fredrik Ekblom, Albin Wärnelöv.

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